WiFi & Switching with United Cabling

Secured Wireless Access for Your Business
  • Wireless Access Point Installation & Configuration    
  • Wireless Access Point Location Optimization    
  • WAP in the Cloud    
  • Wireless Security & Encryption Configuration    
  • Enterprise WEP and WPA Security    
  • Firewall Security Configuration    
  • Wireless Access Zone-ing    
  • Frequency Hopping Configurations    
  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum    
  • Rights Restrictions, Access Thresholds, Gateways    
  • Indoors & Outdoors
  • leverage LTE networks as a backhaul    
  • Hosted WiFi    
  • Design, Deployment, Validation


Making Your Business' Internet Wireless

The IT consultants of United Cabling are deployed by affiliate nearData to assure optimal efficiency and sufficient resource. Our consultants are ready to assist in implementing wireless accessibility to your network for your employees as soon as you are. We guarantee 100% coverage with less APs per footprint.

Prior to any implementation, our team conducts a thorough site survey and provides a detailed heatmap. We use advanced simulation tools configured with the latest access point antenna patters. The results-  We will guarantee 100% strong coverage at 2.4GHZ/5G.  One team to wire, install and configure your WiFi project in hours as opposed to days.