Network Data Cabling

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In today’s world, the company cannot be truly effective without being well networked and wired. Regardless of the size of the business, decent data cabling is very significant to the efficiency and the competitive edge of the company. Having a decent data network in place keeps companies pertinent and allows them to change with the flow of the business and helps them respond better to the changing business setting around them.

There are numerous things to be considered when looking into the data cabling for your business. You need to figure out what your wants really are now, you also want to look for the future of your industry and your business so that you design for  changes going forward. If your business is growing then you will need to make room for that in your network. You will also need to be open to new technologies that may be on the horizon. New technologies can have an influence on your network, so trying to comprehend what may be coming is very significant.

A good network to get your data poignant for your business and for your customers will entail the support of the good cable networking company. Do your research to find the best cable networking company for you. You need to know that you have the partner that will help you plan for now and the future of your network.

You also need to ensure that you are working with a qualified cabling company.  They should able to do much of the thinking for you and offer suggestions that will reduce costs in the future. They should walk through your businesses growing plans so that they build in room for growth in your network. You need your network data cables to serve you well now and you need to make sure you have the right fit of the technology for your company.

You may not need the most technologically advanced cable system available, but if you are working with a good cabling company, they can understand what you might want and guide you through the decision process. The first process is choosing the besttype of cable for your needs.  There are many types in the market today. The following are the most common and widely used cables options, Cat5. Cat5e (enhanced). Cat6 Cat6 Augmented. So there are differences but what does this really mean to the dependability and functionality of your business network. Each of these terms represents the increase in the competency of the cabling and the basic network they support.

We offer the services for the following expert vice data center consulting & Cabling:

  • Data Center Design & Layout    

  • MDF & IDF Design    

  • Turnkey Installation & Rollout    

  • Telephony Moves, Adds, Changes    

  • Data Center Buildout Services    

  • Data Center Relocation Strategies    

  • Cat 7A & Cat 6A Copper Cabling    

  • Cat 6A (Augmented 10Gig) Wiring    

  • ST, FC, LC, SC, MT-RJ Fiber Cabling    

  • Optimized Cooling & Airflow Analysis    

  • Data Center Colocation Services    

  • Data Center Moves, Adds, Upgrades & Repairs    

  • Cable Mining, Removal & Disposal    


Someone that is knowledgeable in cabling standards knows that the higher the Category assigned to the cable, the faster the network speed it will support. This is an example, the Category 5 cable can support the network speeds of up to the 100/1000 megabits like 100 Base-T, over the distances of up to 100 meters, while Category 6 Augmented can support the network data cabling speeds of up to ten Gigabits of 10GB Base-T/10,000Base-T, at the distances of up to 100 meters. The Electrical signals are also measured in the Megahertz. The Category 5 is proficient of supporting signals up to the 250 Megahertz, while the Category 6 Augmented cables can support the signal speeds up to the 500 Megahertz.

With a networking environment, the crosstalk is the biggest opponent of error-free transmission of the data. The less crosstalk prevalent on the cable, the faster that cable will be capable of the transmitting data. Crosstalk is the phenomena where the signal that is communicated on one cable pair, bleeds over, onto the adjacent cable pairs. An example of the crosstalk in everyday life can originate when you pick up the telephone and can catch people other than the person you intended to pick up. Crosstalk is abridged by twisting the cable pairs. Each pair is twisted around itself at a specific rate. Then, the four cable pairs that brand up the individual cable are twisted upon each other, at the specific rate of the twists per centimeter.

Just because you have Category 6 Augmented cable installed, doesn't mean you're mechanically going to have the network that supports speeds up to ten gigabits. All of the equipment in your network must be capable of operating at the ten-gigabit date rate, then, the network will function at the data rate supported by the lowest rated piece of equipment. The Patch cords, the jacks, the connectors, the patch panels, the hubs, the routers, and the network interface cards must all support the ten-gigabit network protocol in order for the network to work at that speed.

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